Reaching Dentists by Direct Mail and Email

Contact-for-contact, direct mail marketing is becoming the greatest value in direct marketing, especially among business-to-business marketers.

Benefit from direct mail broadcasting

    Here are a few of the many ways you can benefit from direct mail broadcasting:

    • Announce a new product or service
    • Roll out a new product line
    • Promote your presence at a trade show
    • Send out an informational or educational message
    • Announce an FDA approval
    • Promote continuing dental education credits
    • Recruit doctors to respond to a survey
    • you’re conducting
    • Announce news about your company
    • Build your brand

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Print and Mail Services

Dental Lists is your one-stop source for high-quality graphic design, printing and mailing services. We offer businesses and consumers a convenient, high-quality solution for graphic design services and full-color printing without the premium price. Our customers appreciate our commitment to live, toll-free customer service. From list selection to printing and processing your entire mailing, we offer a satisfying, rewarding, service-rich experience founded on customer interaction with our highly trained customer service agents.

We can also process your entire mailing! Our print & mail services include the design and printing of your postcards or brochures, mailing lists, direct ink-jet addressing, bar coding and bulk-rate presort discounts. The software we utilize assigns a barcode to each address, so that the cards go through the Post Office’s automated system faster than regularly printed addresses. We’ll use our bulk-rate permit so you’ll save money on postage. In most cases we will save you more money on postage than what we charge for the entire mailing service.

We will handle all the necessary paperwork, process and deliver your completed mailing directly to the Post Office for you. We’ll do all the work, plus save you time and money. We can help with any size job, 2500, 5000, 10,000, 50,000 or more. We stick to a tight schedule. Customer service is our first priority.

Don’t know exactly what list will work best for you? Talk to us. Let our experienced List Consultants help you select the right list for your business advertising needs. Call us at 440-212-4601 TODAY for counts and information. We probably have the lists you need, plus wholesale prices.

Fax Broadcasting Service

Dental Lists offers a full service Fax Broadcasting solution that enables you to send information to hundreds or thousands of fax destinations. At Dental Lists, we know how important it is to distribute information instantly. You want your audience to have your document in their hands so they can read, act and respond right away.

Dental Lists offers competitive prices and highly reliable distribution with unlimited capacity.

The total cost of faxing your document the traditional way includes long distance charges, dedicated fax lines, fax machine maintenance, and ongoing paper/toner expenses. Our fax broadcasting saves you up to 50% by eliminating these costs and greatly reducing long distance charges.

Make it Work for You

    • Advertising
    • Newsletters
    • Product Updates
    • Special Offers
    • Pricing Changes
    • Event Reminders
    • Special Announcements
    • Invitations
    • Press Releases
    • Capabilities
    • Set-up and design of your message to YOUR specifications
    • 50,000 faxes an hour
    • Digital file acceptance in all industry standard applications