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We Specialize in Dentist Leads

Most data companies that span the breadth of several markets will please none particularly well. At Dentists Lists we drive deep into the dentists vertical so that we’re able to assist a variety of markets in the dentists field.

Dentists Data Your Way

Every client brings their own challenges. What’s vital to you is meaningless to the next guy. Your ideal solution will likely incorporate some targeting data selects to yield superior results, including special data segmenting, processing, formatting, and cleansing. That’s our job and why we are here.

What’s Important to Us…

Comes from Our Customers — It’s why we developed lists of dentist postal, email addresses and much more. With our industry insight, coupled with your individual marketing goals and values, we’re able to create custom-tailored dentists marketing products that delivers.

Reach over 180,000 Dental Professionals

With over 20+ years experience, Dental Lists has been a leader in the dental market place. With our unsurpassed focus on customer care and our relentless dedication to provide only the finest, targeted data, we stand behind the effectiveness of our lists 100%. We are confident that we can help you succeed with your direct marketing campaign and we look forward to serving you for each and every campaign you execute in the future.

Whether you are a small or large dental business, Dental Lists can customize a mailing list or marketing campaign that will deliver results. Utilizing our years of experience, knowledge, and database acquisition expertise, we are able to provide a variety of services to ensure your success in your direct marketing efforts. Our list and marketing specialists are ready to provide you with a personalized, no obligation list recommendation and price quote for any service you may desire.

Wholesale Price Guarantee

We guarantee you will receive accurate, high quality data. If your list fails to deliver, we will replace the undeliverable data with new data at no cost! We work hard to produce the best data, so you can enjoy the best results possible.

100% of our dentist mailing addresses are professional, so your communication will go directly where it will have the strongest impact. The addresses are CASS certified for optimal matching accuracy. And phone information is continuously verified.

With Dental Lists there is no need to shop around. Our wholesale prices are the lowest, plus our lists are the freshest and most accurate in the industry. We will beat any competitor’s price.

Special Offer: 25% Discount

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For a free no obligation list recommendation and price quote, please send us an email ([email protected]) or call us at (440) 212-4601.

Why Direct Mail?

With the rising cost of print & postage, we understand that the accuracy & integrity of the mailing lists you use is paramount. The difference between a list that is 90% accurate and one that is 99% accurate often equates to thousands of dollars in wasted print & postage for our clients. This is why we take every measure possible to ensure that the information we keep on file within our medical mailing lists is accurate and up-to-date.

Historically, we see delivery rates of 99%+. Not surprising, since we update daily, NCOA and delivery point validate monthly, phone verify regularly and CASS certify all records!

How much could we have saved you on postage with your last direct mail campaign? Contact us today to find out!

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, Direct Mail is one the best way to reach dentists and potential customers, and speak to them one-to-one. More importantly, Direct Mail is the only advertising medium that provides you the following benefits:

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  • Targeted

  • Tangible

    Direct Mail provides a tangible piece consumers can hold in their hands and cannot be deleted at the twitch of a finger, thus creating a long-term marketing effect.

  • Detailed

    Direct Mail allows you to convey your entire marketing message in one complete package.

  • One-to-One

    Direct Mail delivers a relevant and personalized message to consumers in an environment where you can gain a consumer’s undivided attention.

  • Measurable

    Direct Mail offers no guesswork when it comes to return on investment. With the proper systems in place, tracking and analyzing a program is simple.

Direct Mail allows you to target potential consumers and focus efforts on those likely to buy.