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    Dental Lists is a team of data consultants are singularly focused on providing dental lead solutions to our clients. Dental Lists has adopted a value-pricing model which allows clients to license only the data they need at a fair and reasonable price. Most companies license data and leave the solution piece up to you. Dental Lists’ approach has been vastly different. We don’t just sell data and walk away. We go further than other data companies to see that the data gets you safely to your marketing or communication destination.

    Our company was formed by executive management as the former list sale manager position at Dental Products Report. Our mission was to create a company that would stand on a few principles:

    We Specialize in Dental Leads – Data companies that span the breadth of several markets will please none particularly well. Dental Lists drives deep into the dental vertical so that we’re able to assist a variety of markets in the dental field.

    Data You’re Way – Every client brings their own challenges. What’s vital to you is meaningless to the next guy. Your ideal solution will likely incorporate some auxiliary data services to yield superior results, including special processing, formatting, and cleansing. That’s our job and why we are here.

    What’s Important to Us Comes from Our Customers — We are attuned to what our clients need, what they want, and also what’s on the horizon in the field of healthcare marketing. It’s why we developed lists of healthcare provider direct addresses and much more. With our industry insight, coupled with your individual marketing goals and values, we’re able to create custom-tailored dental marketing products that deliver.

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  • Posted by Larry@DentlLists.net on May 11, 2013, 12:42 pm

    DentalLists is one of the most comprehensive databases in the dental industry. The unique quality and integrity of the data the list provides has been proven by the overwhelming success of our clients’ marketing campaigns.

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  • Posted by Lazrry Boso on August 22, 2014, 2:21 pm

    respond to direct mail. Survey results show, direct mail
    was the second most preferred channel for
    marketing (#1 is Email). This corresponds with general trends,
    which show that direct mail has a 40% rate of
    effectiveness in generating new clients and a 53%
    in retaining existing ones.

    Direct mail will not stand on its own, however. For
    maximum ROI, marketers will need to integrate
    direct mail efforts with their online strategies.
    Campaigns need not only direct potential clients to
    landing pages; marketers can make offers right on
    a direct mail piece.

    Businesses should also avoid the tendency to
    overload a direct mail piece with too many words.

    With social marketing and online marketing,
    potential clients have become conditioned to
    receive offers that are clear and concise. Keep your
    messages short and your design clean.
    Traditionally, direct mail has been one of the most
    personalized marketing methods around. That
    trend continues in 2017, with segmentation and
    personas taking center stage.

    Of course, your direct mail efforts will be all for
    naught if your contact databases aren’t up to snuff.
    DentalLists’ services can help ensure that you have the
    most up-to-date, accurate data on Dentists and much more.

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